The Baptism of the Lord. January 10th, 2021

Dear Sisters and Brothers of Saint Therese Parish,
I have been reading a book entitled “Wintering” by Katherine May, a Christmas gift from a friend of many years. It is one of those books to read slowly over time, much more a book of reflections than the murder mysteries I enjoy on a long winter’s night. The subtitle is “the pow-er of rest and retreat in difficult times”. I am only a few chapters into it but the author seems to suggest that the best way to live in the “winters” of our lives is to embrace them rather than en-dure or escape them.
Many people in Montauk have told me that their favorite time of year here is Winter. One month into it and I can see why. The night sky sparkles with stars, the moon seems brighter, and watching the sunset on the cold and windy beach literally takes your breath away. Some-times I drive up to the lighthouse to see the sun rising in the East. It is the perfect place to have early morning coffee with Jesus. And of course, no crowds and no trouble finding a parking space!
The Christmas season will end on February 2nd, the Feast of the Presentation, often referred to as Candlemas. We will bless church and home candles on the Sunday before, either in church or live-streamed, and pray with faith-filled hope that the darkness of Winter will give way to the bright promise of Light.
It has been - and will probably be - a Winter like no other. Because of Covid fewer of us will continue to gather for Mass on the weekends, but others of us (thanks to Heather and John D’Agostino) will participate livestream. We will plan the liturgies mindful that we are both on-site and virtual congregations. The important thing is that we are all praying together, staying connected, and looking forward to the Spring time of a new gathering.
So whatever depth or difficulty “Winter” is asking you to embrace, whatever new life is germi-nating within, whatever rest of body and soul you need, whatever you desire to retreat from or for - let it be a time of personal growth and healing.
And by the way, if you like murder mysteries, check out Louise Penny’s.
Blessings and peace,
Father Bob, C.P.