On this 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B. February 7th, 2021.

Dear Sisters and Brothers of Saint Therese Parish,
I am looking out my window as I write this letter. The snow is falling steadily and the wind is howling. I am thinking how nice it is to be inside looking out at all this winter wonder. It is Mon-day, my day off. I am certainly not going anywhere. Father Edward is cleaning one side of the rec-tory and I the other. But that doesn’t take long. We are both pretty neat from all that monastic training as Passionists.
I am looking at the guys working outside, the only ones around. The plow was here early this morning. James Grimes and his crew plowing and shoveling all around the church and school - free of charge - his contribution to the life of our Saint Therese Parish. They will come back today at least three more times. I have come to see that the parishioners and people of Montauk have long memories, mostly good, of what Saint Therese has been in the life of the community here. They give back, freely and abundantly.
I will miss the Christmas trees and the crèches in the sanctuary and in the narthex. And the lit out-side tree now blowing in the wind. They are signs of welcome and peace to all who enter. The lad-ders will go up and the wreaths will come down off the walls of the church this week...another act of generosity ...this one given to us by John DeSousa and his crew.
Now we go into “ordinary time” in the liturgical calendar before preparing for Lent in a couple of weeks. It’s “February time”, a little bit stark. Things slow down because we have no choice. May-be we enjoy the solitude before the rush of the crowds. Some of us get a chance to go to warmer climates for awhile. And some of us may feel “stuck” or even overwhelmed by loneliness or no work.
If you are reading this and things do seem overwhelming - at “The End” - please give me a call. If you need to talk, please call. We are here for you. Every life is important to us.
So, “ordinary time”. It kind of gives us a breather for awhile. Lent will be upon us soon enough. But do me a favor? No “self-improvement” programs for Lent! No physical and spiritual acrobat-ics. You will know what you need. Just sit in quiet and God will tell you. Trust me on that one.
Now I heard that someone built a snowman in the village with a mask on. When I go outside I’m going to look for him. Stay warm, stay safe, stay healthy.
Blessings and peace,
Father Bob, C.P.