On this 4th Sunday of Easter, Year B. April 25th, 2021.

Dear Sisters and Brothers of Saint Therese Parish,
Well, it sure does look like Spring is here. How about those daffodils?! Someone told me that there really isn’t a Spring in Montauk but I’m still holding on to hope!
And I’m holding on to hope about getting on the other side of this pandemic. It seems more and more of us are getting vaccinated and we will certainly be rigorous in our observance of all the safety protocols here at Saint Therese. We will continually explore options for week-end Masses to accommodate safely those who are returning and those who are visiting. Still on the table is looking at the possibility of having our 10:30 Sunday Family Mass outdoors during the summer months.
Speaking of hope, I was recently reading a Pastoral Letter by our Bishop John Barres about the call to each of us to be “missionary disciples”. Belonging to a missionary community myself, the Passionists, I was particularly energized by his words. The title of his letter was “Ya Gotta Believe”, written on the 50th Anniversary of the NY Mets’ improbable World Se-ries championship on October 16, 1969 and how it can inspire the Catholic Church to a new era of evangelization. I was a freshman in college at the time and remember that series well. None of us dared to believe that our hometown team could win it...but they did!
Bishop Barres, a star basketball player himself in college, said he believes “that the spirit of the 1969 Miracle Mets can help inspire Catholics on Long Island to believe in the dramatic missionary growth and the evangelizing mission of the Catholic Church on Long Island... We gotta believe!” In other words, if we are an outgoing and welcoming faith community then those searching for a spiritual home will either “come home” or give us a try. If Covid times have taught us anything it is that we need one another...and miss being together.
So, “we gotta believe”. The words of our Bishop, our good shepherd, are words of gathering and words of welcoming.
I hope we all have a great Spring!
Blessings and peace,
Father Bob, C.P.