On this 34th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A. November 22, 2020.

Dear Sisters and Brothers of Saint Therese Parish,
The beautiful mystic and spiritual guide Saint Juliana of Norwich often wrote to those seeking a deeper spiritual life that the greatest prayer was one of gratitude. It helps us to acknowledge that all we have has been given. Saint Juliana went on to say that if we want to grow peacefully from one stage of our life to another, being thankful for what we have received, even the hard times, can be an entrance into a deeper place within us. At the very least it helps us not to feel entitled or to look down on those who have less.
So here we are at a time when our whole nation gives thanks. It may be very different for each of us as we try to keep ourselves and those we love safe from this terrible virus. The usual gatherings of family and friends may not be possible for some of us this year. But it doesn’t take away the spirit of gratitude. It may very well enhance our feelings of love for those we miss being with even as we strive to find creative ways of being together. And of caring for those desperately in need of both food and emotional support. We know that in Montauk we have each other’s backs.
I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your graceful presence and your generous service. We are the family of Saint Therese.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Father Bob, C.P.