On this 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A. September 20th, 2020

Dear Sisters and Brothers of Saint Therese of Lisieux Parish,
As we gather physically or at home in spirit during this beautiful Fall season, we are reminded that life is ever changing, renewing, ripening, dying and rising, and often full of color! As the Old Testament Book of Ecclesiastes reminds us: “There is a season for everything”.
And maybe we also come to know one another in ever deepening ways as we are led by the Holy Spirit of Love as a community of faith. I am only here a couple of weeks now and getting to know names and faces under masks. And you are getting to know me too. The warm welcome you have given me is beyond anything I could have hoped for. Thank you!
You may know that I am a Passionist, that I belong to a religious community of priests, brothers, nuns, sisters and lay associates whose mission in the Church is to keep within the hearts of the faithful the Cross of Christ. Our Founder Saint Paul of the Cross wrote to us when we were founded in the 1700’s that we shouldn’t wear people down by our preaching. Rather, we should “preach to the people from your own wounded hearts”. In this area we have done that principally through retreats and Parish Missions. Some of you might know the Passionists through Saint Gabriel’s Youth Retreat House on Shelter Island. I was there for nine years. So if you see me sometimes in a religious habit...that is the Passionist habit.
And I will come to know you and your families, the rich history of your lives, your hopes for the future. And a little bit more of Montauk. What a beautiful place! God is definitely here!
Blessings and peace,
Father Bob, C.P.