From Administrator's Desk on the 18th Sunday of Ordinary Time, August 2nd, 2020

There are so many needs that must be met so that we may find life’s satisfaction, from the most basic necessities like food, clothing, and shelter, to more sophisticated like companionship, education, and culture. Of these the greatest is the need for love and friendship. There are some studies that show that even if our bodily needs are fulfilled, but we do not receive enough human warmth and closeness we are still going to be miserable. In extreme cases people even die because of deprivation of human contact. In fact, the greatest punishment for a prisoner is a solitary confinement. This is on biological and psychological level, but what about our spiritual needs? Very often people take care of their material and physical needs but tend to overlook the realm of the spirit.
As human beings we are created in the image and likeness of God. So we must remember that we have souls that need proper care too. That is why there is even a deeper need of human heart that goes beyond mere biological level. Most people experience inexplicable mental pain and suffering, for they forget to nourish their souls. It is a need to be with God that is deeply ingrained in each human life. It is poetically expressed in Psalm 63: “O God, you are my God—/ it is you I seek!/ For you my body yearns;/ for you my soul thirsts...”
Unfortunately, most people cannot identify this spiritual source of their longings. We usually stay on the surface of things thinking that if we have this thing or that we will be better off. Or if we travel and see more places, or have better standard of life and social status we will be happier. Very quickly we get disappointed, for the deepest longing of the heart remains unmet. That is why prophet Isaiah exhorts his people: “All you who are thirsty, come to the water!” (Isaiah 55:1). The water is God who reveals Himself to us through Jesus Christ.
In this Sunday’s gospel reading we hear how our Lord Jesus responds to the basic human necessities as well as He nourishes their souls. Jesus heals human bodies and feeds the hungry crowd. While meditating the evangelical scene we must remember, however, that the miracle of the multiplication of the loaves of bread serves the purpose of pointing the way to much deeper reality of God, who alone is able to “satisfy the hungry hearts.”
If you have achieved everything in this life—or at least have most of the things most humans want—and you are still feel uneasy and dissatisfied, it is a good sign. It is a signal that you need more God in your life. Like the crowds that followed Jesus, each and every one of us needs to listen to the Word of God and be nourished with the Body of Christ. Hence, let us try to find more time for individual prayer and better preparation for the Eucharist, in which Jesus performs the miracle of changing bread into His Precious Body. So when we come to Holy Mass we may recognize God’s presence among us and experience His fulfilling Love in our lives too.
Have a blessed week!
Fr. Janusz Mocarski, Administrator